About Me

I am a Miami-born content marketer, writer, cultural anthropologist, digital preservationist, filmmaker, tech enthusiast, and social entrepreneur currently working in Olathe, Kansas.

Known for my data-driven technical marketing abilities in SEO & SEM, commercial content work, editorial skills, product development, and sustainability advocacy, I am a lifelong learner that enjoys working with teams to create meaningful and regenerative experiences.


My Work

With a thoughtful and detail-oriented approach, I strive to create transmedia campaigns with copywriting, graphic design, video editing,  coding, and animation that are compelling, scalable, and sustainable.

I’m the recipient of multiple awards, recognitions, and interviews in National and Regional Press such as Startland News, Yahoo, NY Weekly, and The New Tropic.



Over the past 10+ years, I have led the development, management and execution of full-funnel omni-channel lifecycle marketing strategies for D2C and B2B clients who value the relationship between CX and ROI. 

Ultimately, a core focus on curiosity, growth, and purpose motivates me to create transformative content marketing experiences that create a positive impact in this world.


Ricardo (Dimarco) Barea is a writer, strategist, content marketer, cultural anthropologist, digital preservationist, filmmaker, tech enthusiast, and social entrepreneur with a multicultural background. 

His passion for community building began shortly after he received a Masters's Degree in Digital Marketing which he utilized to build audiences for startups, SMEs, global brands, non-profits, green movements, and social-impact-driven organizations through tech-forward content marketing strategies.

Today, he infuses bleeding-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) into content-based lifecycle marketing strategies that generate sustainable, scalable, and repeatable revenue. This is achieved through the perfect marriage of compelling content, experimentation, data-driven analysis, and integrated stakeholder participation.

In his personal life, Dimarco is a husband, father, and educator. Through his Cuban-Mexican cultural heritage, he is a man of colorful presentation and deeply grateful for his Indigenous, African, Spanish, and Jewish genetic bloodlines. At the core, he resonates a deep curiosity for learning, a love of people and nature, and a desire to contribute to World Peace.

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