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In 2022 Wyld Stallyns Studios, a local video production company decided to restructure their for-profit model to become a Private Foundation. Their initial product lines had expanded, and their communication needs required them to speak to 4 different stakeholder types while maintaining a consistent brand identity and ethos across all channels and campaigns. Core content deliverables included:

-SEO Research

-Keyword Guidelines

-Identity, Logo, Typography

-Brand Mission Statement

-Brand Story

-Description of Programs & Services

-New Website

-New YouTube Video Cover Images

-E-mail Correspondence for External Stakeholders

-Scriptwriting for Web & Broadcast Content

-Sponsorship Sales Decks

Introductory Brand E-mail

Dear Curious Soul,

I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about The Wyld Foundation and the deep passion and commitment that drives us to protect and make the incredible wonders of the world, both human and natural, accessible to all people in perpetuity. 

It is through the collective, generous, and empathic actions of our stakeholders and constituents that we serve our mission and create positive and meaningful change in the world one day at a time. 

From the deepest and most appreciative parts of my soul, I am grateful you exist, that you are here, and that you are considering helping us protect the Past, to craft a better Tomorrow, through actions Today!

With  the deepest gratitude, 

Ricardo Dimarco Barea

The Wyld Foundation

Founder & Interim Director

The Wyld Foundation

D: 305-439-4892

About Us

Based in Kansas, The Wyld Foundation is an impact-led institution focused on immersing people in heritage using extended reality (XR) technologies, storytelling, and digital scanning technologies. We’re driven to advocate, educate, and drive for sustainability to combat the earth’s continuous loss of natural biodiversity, climate change, and international conflict through the incredible power that understanding, valuing, caring, and enjoyment have to foster empathy, unity, and peace. 

Mission Statement

Drive global sustainability, heritage perpetuity, and climate change through storytelling, education, and immersive technology.

Programs List

  • Wyld Stallyns Studios - Content production of award-winning content for web, tv, film, and streaming.
  • WyldXR - Digital preservation of culture and natural heritage sites using lidar and 3d technology.
  • Wyld University - Online workshops that educate students on heritage preservation through technology.
  • WyldXR - Virtual Reality development of Educational communities in Metaverse environments.

Current Initiatives

Partners, Stakeholders, Sponsors & Investors

San Antonio River Authority, American Indians of Texas’ South Colonial Missions, Bexar County, Livingston TBID, Gardiner Chamber of Commerce, Floresville Economic Development Council, Whidbey and Camino Tourism Authority, City of Everett, Explore Olympia, Fairfax County, Destination Gettysburg, Visit Missouri, Travel Kansas, Explore Atchison, Visit Leavenworth, Mount Vernon, Asgard Arts Hotel, Ceally J Smith, Ruth and Phillip Woodford, Efrain, and Gladys Valdes, Lisa Bledsoe, Pete Anderson, Orange County Virginia, Visit North Carolina, Visit Raleigh, Discover Durham, Visit Kansas City Kansas, Visit KC, and many others.

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