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I was brought here to San Antonio by the River Management Society which was hosting its annual Symposium to display one of our company’s episodes of Joy of the Journey: The Missions and The River and speak to the work we are trying to accomplish at The Wyld Foundation
After the film, I answered several questions from the audience and was floored when the next film shared was narrated by Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey. What a great company to be positioned alongside.
It was illuminating to meet so many dedicated people and organizations who aremission aligned with us and doing incredible work in the field to preserve and conserve the heritage of the lands, trails, rivers, and communities that co-exist here in the United States.
Some of the key highlights from the event for me are learning about Design Thinking from IDEO Entrepreneur and Stanford Professor David Kelley, connecting with the NPS Program Manager for the National Trails, and being offered an exploratory conversation with Judy Culver the RMS President and Field Manager of Taos Pueblo.
Division: Wyld Stallyns Studios

Function: Content / Storytelling

Project Name(s): Joy of the Journey, Original Heroes, Untold: Ancient Heroes
After attending the Reelscreen Summit in Austin, Texas in January we secured interest from WarnerBros/Discovery for our slate of 3 content projects (Original Heroes, JOTJ, and Untold). I am following up with their development and production companies to determine which is the best path for us to take with them. 
We also secured interest from several heads of Development and Production from world class production companies including Campfire Studios and Entertainment One
Our aim to secure a licensing, production, and distribution deal with National Geographic via Disney+ and Pilgrim Media has been spearheaded by our development partner, Maria Baltazzi. She has been focused on finalizing her new publishing deal for her new book. With that now cemented she can offer more of her time to further develop relations to get a clearer answer from her targets for our content projects.
Division: WyldXR

Function: Technology & Gaming

Project Name: Travelverse, The Village XR 
We have received a verbal commitment from William Snell, (President of The Pretty Shield Foundation and Director of the Rocky Mountains Tribal Leaders Council) to fund at least 20K of development for our new immersive culture and heritage education travel platform. In a follow up conversation he expressed his existing donor base is excited about the project and have shared a desire to contribute additional funds for development (if needed) up to 100K.
Next steps include receiving gameplay activities that express and educate on the cultural heritage of the Crow Nation. They are currently speaking to their elders and will return with their guidance so that we can properly scope out the development costs for the project.
Additionally, we have held several meetings with expert consultants in the Social Emotional Learning space who will serve the project by securing grants, developing a real world curriculum to accompany the game platform for students and teachers, and connect us with the Department of Education for Indian Affairs for expansion of the platform’s reach and monetization.
Division: The Foundation

Function: Donor Relations
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Financial Update
As mentioned in previous updates, our organization is in bootstrap mode and operates strictly based on new sales and investments to fund existing activities. With current assets valued at $XXX.XX and liabilities holding at $ XXXXX.XX I believe that selling our current content and technology projects through an LPD deal is the lowest-hanging fruit strategy that can help us achieve immediate income to bring a return to the business and to you our investors. 
Thank you to all who have provided their tax information for this year’s K-1. If you have not sent me your EIN or SSN, please do so this week.
As always, I am grateful for your past support, time reading these words, and advice in crafting a better future for our shared journey together.
With appreciation and optimism, 
RicardoDimarco Barea, M.S.


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