Creative Writing | ‘Musings’ Series

One way that I like to train and strengthen my copywriting muscles is by digging deeply into the unique tone and voice of other writers. While most copywriting gives us the opportunity to drive action from our target audiences it’s always sustainable to create a fully whole personality within a brand’s communications. This will resonate in a way that remains in their hearts and minds post-viewing and hopefully start building a trusting and desirable relationship. 

In my current creative series titled Musings, I have enjoyed digging into just a few of the highly distinct voices over history and have given them the chance to comment on some contemporary themes. 

What does this mean exactly? Imagine if William Shakespeare watched The Bachelor and composed a response poem. What would that read like? This is what I think he would say.

For those who love timeless literature like Pride and Prejudice, you may wonder how Jane Austen, godmother of romantic comedies, would react after watching some of our modern takes featuring the indomitable Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in new classics like Sleepless in Seattle. Here’s a small letter my version of Jane Austen wrote to a journalist after asking her opinion of the film.

One of my favorite musings brought together two of my favorite creators across different formats that were connected by a unique theme. I believe Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allen Poe may have been quick friends and created incredibly terrifying work together.

Of course, distinct voices don’t simply live in the past. One of the most impactful speakers that I ever had the chance to witness has been Barack Obama. His powerful and direct approach is both empowering, inspiring, and grounded. What would Barack Obama have to say about such abstract and polarizing topics like Artificial Intelligence?

It’s incredibly fulfilling (and mostly fun) to create these musings. While strong SEO, Paid Search, automation, and growth marketing strategies are key to building the awareness and community that your brand is attempting to capture and serve, there is no substitute (not even A.I) that can compensate for not knowing your customer and having a distinct, memorable, and compelling brand voice. I leave you with one of my favorite copywriting thought leader’s quotes.

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