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The Big Question - What is Heritage?

In today’s newsletter, we reveal the timeless beauty of the Dolomites, Whale Sanctuaries, Hidden Mayan Rivers, Inaccessible Islands, Giants, and the Secret Wisdom of the Redwood Trees in the United States.

We are living in a pivotal time in human history.
Our future is dependent on the decisions we make today. And while many people believe that technology and innovation will be the tool that builds a better society for all I strongly feel that it is only one of the instruments for our global evolution.
When I say ‘our’ I mean not only humanity but also our most vital partner in the future - earth.
Learning to get along with each other across cultures, countries, and communities is a necessary first step in alignment toward a sustainable century. Though we may not all look at things in the same way - it is that varying perspective that gives us the insight to achieve holistic outcomes with deeper and more human choices.
The wisdom to carve this path is readily available to us. It is contained in the Heritage of our ancestors and the timeless wisdom of nature’s design.
As of 2021, UNESCO has designated 1154 World Heritage Sites. These are places of knowledge that contain the origins of our human story, and the blueprints for the steps towards grounding Elysium on our planet.
I encourage everyone who reads this newsletter to stay curious, stay open, be kind, and choose love every day. Oh and also - get out into some nature! 😉
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Heritage Destinations in Italy

There is no doubt that Italy is seen at the top of the list when it comes to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is enriched with the incredible natural gifts of the Dolomites, Mount Etna, Monte San Giorgio, Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands), and Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe. Any nature lover or traveler who is interested in sustainability and the great outdoors would be destined to visit these 5 sites at least once in their life. But which one to visit first? To answer that question we put together a small summary of these gems and what makes them have outstanding universal value according to UNESCO, and most importantly for you!

Heritage Destinations in Mexico

One of the most incredible natural heritages one can discover on sustainable travel is the endemic species of magical marine and terrestrial animals found at UNESCO sites. Whale sanctuaries, monarch butterfly migration phenomena, and coastlines that ancient Mayans named “Origin of the Sky” are just some of the amazing gifts that Mexico has to offer the most open-minded of transformation seekers. The country’s rich variety of ecosystems – riviera, the gulf, the desert, the jungles, and hidden coastlines – make this one of the most abundant and eco-friendly destinations in the world. Paired with the incredible culture, history, and felicity that is felt the moment you step off the plane, Mexico could very well be the best your life has yet to experience.

Heritage Destinations in the United Kingdom

Are you planning on a trip and you don’t know where to take your next adventure? Well, think of the United Kingdom, a place full of magic that holds basalt stones where giants may have walked, an ancient seabird-based civilization, and even an Inaccessible island that is called home to the most unique endemic species never talked about on Social Media. The United Kingdom is one of the best eco-friendly destinations for travelers even though there are places that you are not allowed to visit. Its beautiful landscapes are ideal for artists, weekend warriors and hikers. Every nook and cranny is a place of natural beauty, with protected coastlines that stretch with infinite horizons during a sunset. 

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