Social Media | The Clark Store

When Daniel Stranahan approached me about bringing his century-old postal office turned the local market and deli into the 21st century I couldn’t be more excited to share the incredible story of The Clark Store, past and present. As part of my 3-month engagement, I worked alongside Daniel to:

  • Define the Brand’s Look & Feel
  • Develop the Brand Content Strategy
  • Create and manage a Social Media Calendar
  • Develop Custom Photography and Videography
  • Define target audiences and accompany copy for the social media channels
  • Post Weekly Content 

Along with doing research, developing a strategy, and unique design, defining touchpoints, and managing assets we increased brand awareness and drove traffic to the store by utilizing popular hashtags, creating brand-specific hashtags, working with local influencers, and developing unique content buckets for the social media strategy that expressed The Clark Store’s product and service lines through consistent and unified copywriting.

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