Statement of Need | Yellowstone National Park Communities

In August 2022, The Wyld Foundation, in association with MMM, initiated the production of a 60-minute responsible travel documentary to feature the communities, cultural attractions, experiences, events, and heritage stories of the Livingston, Gardiner, and Yellowstone National Park areas. 

Along with Initial cash funds and in-kind sponsorship of $12K, we also received storyline resources, interview facilitation, and guidance for the project came from the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce, NPS, USDA,  along with local tourism operators, hospitality partners, and non-profit foundations in Montana and Wyoming such as Absaroka Hotel, The Murray, Yellowstone Gateway Museum, Faye’s Diner, The Pretty Shield Foundation, and Mountain Time Arts to name a few. We are currently 80% of the way to finalizing the project and need your support to prepare the project for distribution.

The documentary intends to be distributed primarily through the travel platforms (MMM) promotional channels to 1.2M sustainable travel e-mail subscribers and a secondary deployment through licensing, streaming, and broadcast opportunities with the target networks on A&E, PBS, History, Discovery, and National Geographic.

Unanticipated costs defined as workforce issues have yet to allow us to commence the editing process in the post-production phase. Getting this phase done will enable us to distribute the documentary and drive the awareness and advocacy needed for responsible tourism in the region. Securing $3500 will allow us to finalize the documentary’s post-production and initiate the primary promotional plan.

We expect the primary promotional plan to allow for the deployment of the documentary series to the entire national e-mail subscriber list and generate between 100-200 direct bookings to the region over the next 1-2 years in the form of quantifiable and trackable small-group travel itineraries that will be made available using The Wyld Foundation’s bespoke travel platform.

It is the intention of this letter to find continuous support for this project through fundraising of the remaining 22% or $3500 needed to finish post-production so that we may serve the citizens and businesses of the northern entrance gateway cities to Yellowstone National Park. 

If you would like to support our cause and mission or receive more information about the project please contact Dimarco Barea, M.S. at or (305) 439 4892.

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